D. Lawless All Star: Embracing Change

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with many very talented people and there are a few that have done a LOT of projects with our hardware. One of these people is Stacey from Embracing Change. The other day she wrote to me with yet another project and post which she used our glass knobs on. It got me thinking…how many posts have you done for us? Did I even give you hardware for half of these posts? Don’t I need something to write about on our blog? LOL! So this is the first edition of D. Lawless All Stars! There are several others out there but Stacey is the perfect place to start.

Below I’m just gonna shoot through a nice group of projects using our hardware she’s done over the years as a big thank you to her. She always gives us very high quality photography (the most important thing of course) on beautiful projects. You can click each image to see the full furniture makeover, some of the before and afters are quite impressive!

I had to click “next page” in her site search three times to find the first post she did with our hardware back on January 1st of 2014 on a rustic Amish style cabinet with our mint green glass knobs. From then on the floodgates were open!

Mint Green Cabinet w/ Mint Knobs - D. Lawless Hardware
As I said, floodgates open. Stacey used the hardware I sent her to post for us again three times in the next week!
turquoise dresser 7 - Embracing Change - D. Lawless Hardware
Christmas Cabinet 1 - EC - D. Lawless Hardware
French Provincial Desk 1 - EC - D. Lawless Hardware
No rest for the weary! After a short break Stacey went on another streak with our hardware through February! We have these glass knob photos all over our site and I wish I could find more spots to use them! I love the staging, always great staging!
Rustic black buffet 1 - Embracing Change - D. Lawless Hardware
grey cutie 7 - Embracing Change
grey drysink 1 - Embracing Change - D. Lawless Hardware
blue sofa table w/ glass knobs - D. Lawless Hardware
When going through her furniture makeover posts it’s almost as if you can tell what season it is by her paint choices. After emerging from a cold February of blacks and greys Stacey brought us some nice bright makeover projects as the spring came on.
coral dresser 2 - Embracing Change - D. Lawless Hardware
Custom Coral Desk w/ glass knobs - D. Lawless Hardware
Ana Cabinet 1 - Embracing Change - D. Lawless Hardware
Talk about being highly productive! We are only to May and she’s already completed 10 projects with our hardware and this is only a fraction of the projects she posted overall during this time!
Rustic BLack 2 - Embracing Change
french desk 1 - Embracing Change
Sweet Ironstone Dresser 8 - Embracing Change
Heading into summer and Stacey is still hitting them out of the park! The sign of a true All Star is consistency! 🙂

white Washstand 9 - Embracing Change
White Empire 1 - Embracing Change
Blue Dresser 2  - Embracing Change
vanity end tables 1 - Embracing Change
The work speaks for itself! Now I’m just typing something so that it’s not just a big long string of photos…google likes articles with more text too…
yellow dresser 8 - Embracing Change
French Buffet 1 - Embracing Change
Creamy White Dresser - Benjamin Moore Point Pleasant and D. Lawless Hardware - Embracing Change
All the posts above were just from 2014! WHAT! In the future she may even be inducted into the Hall of Fame, LOL! Here are Stacey’s furniture projects featuring D. Lawless Hardware from 2015 and beyond…
Emma's Pink Table 2 - EC
Shortie 8- EC
Cottage Dresser 2 - EC
Marshmallow Dresser 5 - EC
lucketts dresser 3 - ec
Antique Server Makeover - Embracing Change
Sweet Blue Desk - Embracing Change
Ann Marie's Desk After - Embracing Change
black empire 1
Apron Strings Dresser - Embracing Change
Mora Dresser - Embracing Change
Boxwood Beauty - Embracing Change
The last project was completed just a few days ago and is just as lovely as the rest. It’s been a pleasure working with Embracing Change and we look forward to working together far into the future. Thirty three posts all together and I don’t even think I provided hardware for a good portion of them!

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