DIY Knob Towel Hangers

These hangers are so incredibly simple to make and install. They are perfect for hanging a towel in the bathroom, hanging a sweater or jacket, a tote bag, or even a dog leash! Minimal materials and skills are required making this a quick and inexpensive project!
DIY Knob Hangers - How To
Auger anchors (if installing the hangers in an area where there is no wall stud)
Drill with a 7/16” bit
Step One
Insert the hanger bolt into the back of the drawer knob and tighten.
DIY Knob Hangers - Knobs
Step Two
Mark the position on the wall for the hangers with the pencil. If the area where the hanger will be installed is over a wall stud, use the drill and the drill bit to drill a hole as deep as the hanger bolt. Screw the knob and hanger bolt directly into the hole. 
If there is no wall stud in that area, install the auger anchor according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Screw the hanger bolt into the anchor and tighten.
DIY Knob Hangers - choose location
DIY Knob Hangers - drill holes
DIY Knob Hangers 2
DIY Knob Hangers

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